14 Masomeen Biography Dates


Names of the Infalliables Name of Mothers Children Date of Birth Place of Birth Date of Death Age Rulers of the time Causes of Martydom Place where buried
Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) Lady Aminah Lady Fatimah (SWT), Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) & Hazrat Qasim (A.S) 17 th Rabi-ul-Awwal , Year of the Feel Shaabe Abi Talib (Mecca) 28 th Safar ,11th Year of Migration 63 years Kasier and Nausherwan Presence of poision in the medicine Medina
Ummul Aimmah Lady Fatimah (SWT) Lady Khadijah (SWT) Imam Hassan (A.S), Imam Hussain (A.S), Lady Zenab (SWT), Lady Umme Kulsum (SWT) and Prince Mohsin (A.S) 20 th Jamadi us Sani 5th year after Miraj Mecca 3 Jamadi us Sani 11 th Year of Migration 18 years, 9 months and 15 days Yazd Jarad and Hazrat Abubakr By the order of wounds suffered due to the falling of the burning door Jannat ul Baqi (Medina)
Abul Aimah Imam Ali (A.S) Lady Fatimah Binte Asad (SWT) 11 sons and 12 Daughters 13 Rajab 30th Year of Feel Inside the Holy Kaaba (Mecca) 21st Ramzan 40th Year of Migration 63 Years Sheryar and Mawiyah Stabbed by Ibne Muljim Najaf Ashraf (Iraq)
Imam Hassan (A.S) Lady Fatimah (SWT) daughter of the Holy Prophet (SAWS) 8 Sons and 7 Daughters 15th Ramzan 3rd Year of Migration Medina 28th Safar 50th Year of Migration 47 years Yazd Jard and Mawiyah Poison given by Joda Binte Ashaat Graveyard of Jannat ul Baqi (Medina)
Imam Hussain (A.S) Lady Fatimah (SWT) daughter of the Holy Prophet (SAWS) 6 Sons and 4 Daughters 3rd Shaban 4th year of Migration Medina 10th Muharram 61st year of Migration 57 Years Yazd Jard and Yazid Thousands of Wounds suffered at Karbala by the accursed forces of Yazid to save Islam. (Head Cut by Accursed Shimar) Karbala (Iraq)
Imam Ali (A.S) (Zainu-Abideen) Lady Sherbano daughter of Yazd Jard King of Iran 11 sons and 4 daughters 15th Jamadi us Sani, 27 th year of Migration Medina 25th Muharram 95th year of Migration 57 years Birth During the reign of Imam Ali (A.S) King of faith and the World Poison given by Walid s/o Abdul Malik s/o Marwan Graveyard of Jannat ul Baqi (Medina)
Imam Muhammed (A.S) (Baqir) Lady Fatimah daughter of Imam Hassan (A.S) 5 sons and 2 daugters 1st Rajab 57th year of Migration Medina 7th Zil Haj, 114th year of Migration 57 Years Mawiyah and Hasham Posion given by Ibrahim s/o Walid on the orders of Hasham s/o Abdul Malik Graveyard of Jannat ul Baqi (Medina)
Imam Jaffer (A.S) (Sadiq) Lady Farda d/o Qasim s/o Muhammed s/o AbuBakr 7 sons and 3 daughters 17 Rabi ul Awwal, 83rd Year of Migration Medina 15th Shawwal, 147th Year of Migration 65 years Abdul Malik s/o Marwan and Mansoor DawaNaqi Poision given by Mansoor Dawanaqi Graveyard of Jannatul Baqi (Medina)
Imam Musa (A.S) (Kazim) Lady Hamida 19 sons and 18 daughters 7 Safar, 127th Year of Migration Abwah (Between Medina and Mecca) 25th Rajab, 183rd year of Migration 55 Years Marwan Al-Hamir and Harun Rashid Poison given by Harun Rashid through Sanda bin Shahak Kazmain (Iraq)
Imam Ali (A.S) (Raza) Lady Ummul Benin Imam Muhammed Taqi (A.S) 11 ZIl Qaad, 153rd Year of Migration Medina 23rd Zil Qaad, 203rd Year of Migration 50 years Mansoor Dawanaqi and Mamun ur Rashid Poison given by Mamun ur Rashid Mashad (Iran)
Imam Muhammed (A.S) (Taqi) Lady Khizran (Rehana) 2 sons and 2 daughters 10th Rajab, 195th year of Migration Medina 29th Zilqaad 220th Year of Migration 25 years 3 months and 12 days Muhammed Al-Amin Abbassi and Muatsim Billah Abbassi Poison from Muatsim given by Ummul Fazal d/o Mamun ur Rashid Kazmain (Iraq)
Imam Ali (A.S) (Naqi) Lady Sammnah 5 daughters and Imam Hassan Al-Askari (A.S) 5th Rajab, 214th year of Migration Hawaali (Medina) 3rd Rajab, 254th year of Migration 40 years Mamun ur Rashid and Mutanir Billah Poison given by Mutanir Billah SarmanRai(Iraq)
Imam Hassan (A.S) (Askari) Lady Hadeesa Imam Mahdi (The Alive and Awiated and the last Imam) 11 Rabi-us-sani, 232nd year of Migration Medina 8th Rabi-ul-Awwal, 260th year of Migration 28 years and 2 months Wasik Billah and Mutamid Aliullah Poison given by Mutamid Aliullah SarmanRai (Iraq)
Imam Muhammed (A.S) (Mahdi Al-Hujjtul Qasim Sahib uz Zaman) Lady Narjis Only Allah Knows 15th Shaaban 255th year of Migration SarmanRai (Iraq) With the grace of Allah is Alive and Awaited Maasha-Allah Mutamid Aliullah Still Living Occulation occured in SarmanRai


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