Hazrat Habib Ibn-e-Mazaahir

(Hazrat Habib Ibn-e-Mazaahir r.a)

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Our majaalis continue. We will recite more nawhas to mourn the great
loss in Karbala. Our eyes will shed more tears and our matam will
Day-by-day, the scene in Karbala is changing. More and more soldiers
join the enemy's camp. Thousands have gathered to kill Hussain(a.s) -
the grandson of the Holy Prophet.
Bibi Zainab said to her brother:
"Brother Hussain(a.s)! Thousands of soldiers are gathering to fight you.
We have hardly 72 men with us. Do you not have anyone to come to your
"My sister Zainab, many wanted to join me during the journey from Medina
to Karbala. I politely discouraged them because their intention was not
truthful. Many joined and have run away during the journey because they
were scared of dying."
He continued:
"Zainab! My sister! Falsehood can buy many supporters, but truth has
only a few friends. The soldiers on the other side have been bought.
They prefer happiness in this world than in the world hereafter. My 72
truthful men prefer happiness in the world hereafter and that is why
they are with me."
That night, Imam Hussain(a.s) wrote a letter to his childhood friend,
Habib lbne Mazaahir, who was in Ku fa.
Kufa was blocked off and nobody was allowed to leave.
Habib Ibne Mazaahir did not know the whereabouts of Imam Hussain(a.s)
until the letter from Hussain(a.s) arrived at his house. At the time he
was having breakfast with his wife and a young son.
Habib read the letter from Hussain(a.s). He kissed it and tears began to
flow from his eyes.
His wife asked him what was wrong. Habib said:
"I have received a letter from my master, Hussain(a.s). He has asked me
to join him in Karbala. Yazid's soldiers have surrounded him and are
after his life."
Habib's wife said:
"Habib! Your childhood friend has called you. Your master needs your
help. What are you waiting for? Go Habib, before it is too late!"
Habib's worry was how to escape from Kufa without being seen.
He instructed his slave to take his horse to a farm outside the city and
to wait for him there. The slave did as he was told.
The slave took Habib's horse to a farm outside the city. He waited for
his master. His master was delayed.
The slave started talking to the horse:
"O horse! Master Hussain(a.s) is in trouble. He needs help. He has asked
my master Habib to join him. Master Habib is late. Horse If he does not
manage to escape from Kufa, I will ride on you and go to Hussain(a.s)'s
At Asr time, most of the men were in mosque. Habib managed to reach the
farm where his horse was waiting.
He quickly mounted his horse and said to his slave:
"Go, my friend, Go! I am freeing you from my services"
"Master! You are not being fair. I have served you faithfully for years.
Now, I have a chance to serve the son of Bibi Fatemah, and you are
asking me to go. Why are you denying me a place in Heaven'?"
Habib was taken aback by the words of his slave. He was pleased to hear
that he had recognised the difference between the truth and the
wrongful. He wanted to sacrifice his life for truth.
Habib asked his slave to mount his horse. Together they galloped towards
Habib reached Karbala late in the evening. Imam Hussain(a.s) greeted him
with great affection.
Bibi Zainab(sa) heard that Habib had come. She asked her maid, Fizza, to
convey her greetings to Habib.
When Habib heard that Bibi Zainab(sa) had sent greetings to him, he
screamed out in grief and anger. He threw his turban down on to the
ground. He slapped his face. Tears rolled down his cheeks as he spoke:
"What a sad day! What has happened to the household of Bibi Fatemah? The
princess! Grand-daughter of the Holy prophet, the daughter of Ali and
Fatemah is sending her greetings to an ordinary person like me! Yazid!
You beast, you tyrant! What have you done to the household of Bibi
Days and nights of Moharram passed by, and Ashura came.
At dawn, Ali Akber(as) gave Adhan for the last time.
Yazid's soldiers blew the trumpets to start the battle.
One-by-one, Hussain(a.s)'s companions went to the battlefield and gave
their lives for Islam.
Hussain(a.s), Abbas and Ali Akber(as) were busy from dawn to mid-day,
collecting bodies from the battlefield,
Between Zohr and Asr time, Habib lbne Mazaahir came to Hussain(a.s). He
"My Master, Hussain(a.s), allow me to go to the battlefield. Let me
sacrifice my life for Islam."
"Habib, my childhood friend. Stay with me. You give comfort to me, my
Habib persisted with his request. Eventually Hussain(a.s) gave his
Hussain(a.s) mounted his friend, Habib, on the horse. Habib lbne
Mazaahir rode into the battlefield.
He fought bravely but was finally over-powered. He fell to the ground.
As Habib ibne Mazaahir fell to the ground, an enemy soldier came over
and cut off his head.
All the marytrs of Karbala had their heads cut off, but Habib's was the
first to be cut off by the enemy.
Habib's head was not hung on the spearhead like that of the other
martyr's. Habib's head was tied to a horse and pulled along the land of
Later on, in Shaam, Habib's head was tied to a horse's neck. A young
boy, called Qasim, followed the horse wherever it went.
One day, the man riding the horse asked the young boy Qasim:
"Why are you following me around? What do you want?"
Qasim just looked at the head hanging from the horse's neck. The man
asked again:
"Why are you staring at the head".
"This head is the head of my father, Habib ibne Mazaahir. please give it
to me so that I can bury my father's head.
Habib's head seemed to look at his son and say:
"My son Qasim, you are thinking of burying my head. What about the head
of Hussain(a.s) on that spearhead?"


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