40 Hadith Allah



1- The Reverent Amir (A. S.)           ((Behar, vol. 92, p 242))
Any work of value that dosen’t begin in the name of God, will be defective and incomplete.

2- Imam Jafar Sadegh (A. S.)           ((Mesbah-Al-Shariat, p. 175))
The one who leaves his work to God, will be always at rest and will enjoy a happy life.

3- Imam Jafar Sadegh(A. S.)           (( Jameol-Akhbar, p. 4))
he person who knows better himself, will know his God, better.

4- Imam Hassan Askari (A. S.)           ((Behar, vol. 78, p. 377))
The one who became familiar with God, will not be too attached with creatures of God.

5- Imam Jafar Sadegh (A. S.)           ((Vasael, vol. 11, p. 165))
The person whose only reliance and his place of refuge is God; God will immune him from slips and adversities.

6- The Reverent Amir (A. S.)           ((Nahjol Balagheh, Sent. 121))
How surprising it is! for the one who has doubt in believing God, while he is seeing the creatures of God!

7- Imam Jawad (A. S.)           ((Behar, vol. 78, p. 364))
Having reliance in God is more of (value or worth) and more precious of any thing and is a traddle towards perfections.

8- Imam Reza (A. S.)           ((Tohafol-Oghool, p. 469))
Truth is based on trust in God that not to dread anybody except God.

9- The Honorable Prophet of Islam (P.B.U.H.)           ((Jameol-Akhbar, p. 5))
The person whose belief is most virtuous, his acquaintance with God will be more close.

10- Imam Jafar Sadegh (A.S.)            ((Osool.e-Kafi, vol. 3, p. 11O))
The person who recognizes God, will fear from him and the one who is afraid of God, will not have affection for the world.

11- Imam Reza (A. S.)            ((Behar, vol. 71, p. 143))
The person who wishes to be the strongest of men, must only have reliance in God.

12- Imam Jawad (A. S.)           ((Behar, vol. 78, p. 363))
How could someone become lonely when God is the guarantor of him?!

13- Imam Jafar Sadegh (A. S.)           ((Behar, vol. 78, p. 247))
The highest worship or prayer is recognition of God and greet him with humility and respect.

14- Imam Sajjad (A. S.)            ((Vasael, vol. 11, p. 520))
Disperation of mercy of God is one of the sins that the man breaks off his relationship with him completely.

15- The Reverent Fatemeh Zahra (A. S.)            ((Behar, vol. 29, p. 223))
God has illegitimated religiously a partner and counterpart for the honesty in unity.

16- Imam Jawad (A. S.)           ((Behar, vol. 78, p. 364))
Any person except who he relies to someone except God, he will let him in the hands of someone else! (and won't pay attention to him)

17- Imam Mohammad Bagher (A.S.)           ((Behar, vol. 78. p. l73))
God on high likes his inferior to ask him something, as well as his needs (necessities).

18- The Reverent Amir (A. S.)           ((Mavaez-e-sadoogh, p.67))
Your reliance in all affairs should be God the only being that he truly is a high (inaccessible) castle, a sure asylum and a firm and steady enclosure.

19- The Reverent Amir (A. S.)            ((Khesal-e-Sadoogh, vol. 1 , p. l52))
Don't you ever be hopeful to anyone except God, and don't be afraid of anything except your sin.

20- Imam Jafar Sadegh (A. S.)            ((Behar, vol. 70. p. 355))
Frighten God in such a way that you are seeing him. If you don't see him; he sses you.

21- The Honorable Prophet of Islam (P.B.U.H.)           ((Ashshehab Fel.hekaiue-Val -Adab, p.19))
Remember God in your joy and happiness until he will help you in your calamity

22- Imam Jawad (A. S.)            ((Behar, vol. 78, p. 365))
Don't be among those that apparently they are friends with God, but enemy in behind!

23- Imam Jafar Sadegh (A. S.)            ((Maani-aI-Akhbar, p.236
The person who wishes to know the degree of esteem or rank near God, should observe to what extent God has respect for him.

24- The Honorable Prophet of Islam (P.B.U.H.)           ((Ashshehab Fel-Hekame-Val-Adab, p.48))
The one who is willing the satisfaction of God against dissatisfaction of people, God is satisfied with him and make people contented with him.

25- The Honorable Prophet of Islam (P.B.U.H.)           ((Ashshehab Fel-Hekame-val-Adab, p. 54))
The person who fears from God, God will make everything frightened from him.

26- Imam Reza (A. S.)            ((Behar, vol.78, p.353))
He who resembles God to his creaturs is polytheist and the one who names him unjustly is pagan.

27- The Reverent Amir (A. S.)            ((Fehrest-e-Ghorar, p. 15))
God will not direct you except praiseworthy acts and won't forbid you but ill-looking work.

28- Imam Jafar Sadegh (A. S.)            ((Savabol-ama1, p. 17))
The cost of paradise is pure words: LA-ELAHA ILLALLAH: "There is no God, hut ALLAH"

29- Imam Reza (A. S.)            ((Jameol-Akhbar, p. 5))
Monotheism is considered half of the religion and tradition.

30- The Honorable Prophet of Islam (P.B.U.H.)            ((Behar, vol. 93, p. 160))
The one who always praises invocation of God and remembers him, God will love him too.

31- The Honorable Prophet of lslam (P.B.U.H.)           ((Ashshehab Fel-Hekame-Val-Adab, p. 48))
Anyone who likes to tour in the garden of Eden (Tomorrow) should mention God very much and remembers him a lot.

32- Imam Mohammad Taghi (A.S.)            ((Behar, vol. 78, p. 364))
The person that the almighty God is pursuiting him, how could he scape from him?

33- Imam Sajjad (A. S.)            ((Behar, vol. 78, p. l61))
Whoever that his indigence is only toward God, the rest of the people will be in need of him.

34- The Honorable Prophet of Islam (P.B.U.H.)            ((Behar, vol. 71, p. 151))
The one who likes to be the most virtuous people, should have only reliance in God.

35- Imam Jafar Sadegh (A. S.)            ((Behar, vol. 71, p. 135))
You should have confidence (firm belife) in God to be a pious and be satisfied with God's portion for you until being free from want.

36- Imam Reza (A. S.)           ((Behar, vol. 71, p. 144))
The most pious (Godly) of people is the one who surrenders to destiny God has destined.

37- Iamn Mohammad Bagher (A.S.)            ((Behar, vol. 71, P. 159
Whatever God has provided for us, all goodness and blessing of pious is hidden there.

38- Imamn Jatar Sadegh (A. S.)           ((Tohafol-oghool, p.315))
You should be so hopeful to God to the extent that not to be disappointed from committing sin, and you should be afraid him to the degree that, not to be hopeless from his mercy.

39- The Reverent Amir (A. S.)           ((Nahjol-Balaghah, Sent. 86))
Anybody who keeps his relationship with God to the best extent, Allah keeps his relationship with people to the best extent, too.

40- Imam Jawad (A. S.)           ((Tohafol-Oghool, p. 478))
Be it known that you are not out of God's sight, save yourself now and find out how are you going to be.

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