40 Hadith Wisdom

Wisdom and Ignorance 

1- Imam Reza (A. S.)            ((Tohafol-Oghool, p. 467))
Wisdom and intellect is every man's friend, ignorance and illiteracy, are his enemies.

2- The Honorable Prophet of Islam (P.B.U.H.)            ((Ashshehab fel-Hekame-Val-Adab, p. 12))
Wisdom and intellect are the first thing that God created.

3- The Reverent Amir (A. S.)            ((Fehrest-e-Ghorar, p. 325))
Robust and elegant stature for one who is empty of wisdom, is of no use.

4- Imam Hassan Askari (A. S.)            ((Behar, vol. 1, p. 95))
Beauty of the face is the outward charm of a human being, and the beauty of soul is his inner charm.

5- Imam Mohammad Bagher (A.S.)            ((Behar, vol. 78, p. 164))
Opposition of one's desires is the sign of the highest level of wisdom in a human being.

6- Imam Mohammad Bagher (A.S.)            ((Tohafol-Oghool, p. 165))
There is no pain worse than ignorance and lack of intellegence.

7- Imam Hossein (A. S.)            ((Behar, vol. 78, p. 127))
Wisdom of a human being will attain the highest level only by following the truth.

8- Imam Musa Kazem (A. S.)            ((Tohafol-Oghool, p. 419))
The sleep of a wise man is far better than vigilance of a fool during the night.

9- Imam Jafar Sadegh (A. S.)            ((Behar, vol. 1, p. 132))
A wise man will not he bitten twice by the same snake in a hole!

10- The Reverent Amir (A. S.)            ((Nahjo1-Ba1aghe. Letter 31))
Refrain from reliance on unrealistic hopes and wishes which are the capital of the ignorant and foolish people.

11- The Reverent Amir (A. S.)            ((Fehrest-e-Ghorar, p 83))
The most foolish person is one, who considers himself the wisest!

12- Imam Musa Kazem (A. S.)            ((Tohafol-Oghool, p. 419))
Human being has not been given anything higher than wisdom and intellect.

13- Imam Jafar Sadegh (A. S.)            ((AIfaghih, vol. 4, p. 394))
The most knowledgeable person is one who runs away from ignorant people.

14- The Honorable Prophet of Islam (P.B.U.H.)            ((Ashshehab fel-Hekame-Val-Adab, p. 57))
Blessings of God in the hands of an ignorant person, is in fact fruitless! (ignorant does not appreciate blessings of God).

15- Imam Reza(A. S.)           ((Behar, vol. 78, p. 355))
Friendship with an ignorant person is always linked with suffering, and inconvenience.

16- The Reverent Amir (A. S.)           ((Nahjo1-Ba1aghe. Sent 163))
People consider the unknown as the enemy.

17- The Honorable Prophet of Islam (P.B.U.H.)            ((Ashshehab fel-Hekame-Val-Adab, p. 8))
The one who doesn't act with insight and conception, is as the one who goes on a roadless way.

18- Imam Mohammad Bagher (A. S.)           ((Behar, vol. 78, p. 165))
Your knowledge and your self-consciousness, is the highest best stage of your recognition.

19- Imam Hossein (A. S.)            ((Behar, vol. 78, p. 128))
Increase of experiences, increases the wisdom of mankind.

20- The Reverent Amir (A. S.)            ((Nahjol-Balaghe, Sent. 67))
An ignorant person always goes to extremes in his work!

21- The Reverent Amir (A. S.)            ((Fehrest-e Ghorar, p. 102))
The best reason for clearsighted vision, is the beauty of adequacy and providence.

22- The Honorable Prophet of Islam (P.B.U.H.)            ((Ashshehab Fel-Hekame-Val-Adab, p. 9))
A foolish man is one who follows his own sensuality and desires, while expects high rewards and such things! from God.

23- The Reverent Amir (A. S.)            ((Fehrest-e-Ghorar, p. 189))
When wise man gets old, his wisdom becomes young, but when the ignorant reaches old age, his ignorance blossoms.

24- The Reverent Amnir (A. S.)            ((Mavaez-e-Sadoogh, p. 72))
Expriences teach the mankind new lessons, the wise man is the one who takes them advice and counsel.

25- Imam Jafar Sadegh (A. S.)            ((Osool-e-Kafi, vol. 1, p. 11))
Wisdom is that God be worshiped and paradise attained.

26- Imam Mohammad Bagher (A. S.)            ((Behar, vol. 1, p. 1O6))
God in (dooms day) will interrogate people according to the wisdom he has granted them.

27- The Reverent Amir (A. S.)            ((Nahjol-Balaghe, Sent. 39))
The Speech of a wise man is beyond his heart, and the heart of the foolishman is beyond his speech.

28- Imam Reza (A. S.)            ((Behar, vol. 78, p. 352))
The most valuable stage of wisdom is the stage of self-consciousness.

29- The Reverent Amir (A. S.)            ((Tohafol-Oghool, p. 198))
There is no capital more useful than intellect and wisdom, and there is no indigence more injurious than ignorance and unawareness.

30- Imam Hossein (A. S.)           ((Behar, vol. 78, p. 119))
Argument and debate with ignorant people is a sign of ignorance and unawareness of mankind.

31- Imam Jafar Sadegh (A. S.)            ((Behar, vol. 78, p. 230))
Three qualities are sign of ignorance: A) constant change of friends, B) break up without reason, and C) investigating something that does not concern him.

32- The Honorable Prophet of Islam (P.B.U.H.)            ((Osool-e-Kafi, vol. 1, p. 27))
We, the prophets of God, are ordered to speak with people, according to their apptitute.

33- The Reverent Amir (A. S.)            ((Nahjol-Balaghe, Letter. 31))
To keep one's distance from an ignorance person, has the same value as the company of a wise man!

34- The Reverent Amir (A. S.)            ((Fehrest-e-Ghorar, p. 262))
Wisdom and intellect are man's distinction, elegance and good moral characters his virtues.

35- The Endeared Prophet of Islam (P.B.U.H.)           ((Mostadrak, vol. 11, p. 2O7))
Follow your intellect to attain a desired result, and don't repulseit or you will be sorry

36- The Reverent Amir (A. S.)           ((Nahjo1-Balaghe, Sent. 413))
It is suffices for your wisdom rate and intellectual growth, to clarify the direction of stray from right path.

37- The Reverent Amir (A. S.)            ((Nahjol-Balaghe, Sent. 202))
What a many intellects that are found captive and entangled against the order of sensual desires.

38- Imam Jafar Sadegh (A. S.)            ((Behar, vol. 78, p. 228))
Sensual desires are awake in the people, but their wisdom is always asleep!

39- Reverent Amir (A. S.)            ((Behar, vol. 78, p. 6))
When wisdom reaches the acme of perfection it, will suppress the vicious instincts and injurious desires.

40- The Reverent Amir (A.S.)            ((Behar, vol. 78, p. 6))
Associating with the wise and the knowledgeable people adds to the prestige of a person.

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